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Our New Jersey Based Center Provides ABA Services

Offers a Safer Alternative for Continued Services for Children with Autism

By design, our Berkley Heights, New Jersey center provides a 1:1 center-based ABA model that ensures a safe, supportive environment that minimizes the risk of exposure. It allows us to carefully structure our environment and quickly pivot modes of instruction to meet guidelines as they evolve. Our ability to promptly adapt provides for continuous learning and avoids disruptions. Additionally, center-based ABA’s intensive nature allows for unmatched learning opportunities designed to accelerate progress and gain skills at a much higher rate.

Our Safety Focus

Bierman ABA has created a multi-level plan for a safe environment that protects our children, families, and team from risks connected to COVID-19. We understand the complexity of the problem and have responded with resources, policies, and procedures to promote safety based on expert guidelines to ensure a safe, supportive environment that minimizes the risk of exposure. Some of the elements include:

  • A 1:1 model that better enables focus on distancing.

  • Providing a 1-to-1 ratio of behavior techs to clients allowing us to limit exposure, sanitize individual learning spaces and wash hands frequently.

  • Providing frequent outdoor breaks (when possible): allowing clients to spend more time outside of the center, engaging in structured play while maintaining safe distances from others

  • Creating dedicated therapy spaces and materials for each client to limits exposure to items touched by others

  • Sanitizing client therapy spaces between and throughout sessions

  • Assigning an individual to sanitize high-traffic areas throughout the day

  • Reducing cross-exposure by assigning staggered drop-off and pick-up times

  • Implementing staggered lunch times and separate lunch areas to limit exposure

  • Screening symptoms with a daily checklist for each client and team member before or as they enter the building

Learn more by viewing our Covid-19 Safety Video

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We serve families living in and around Union County, New Jersey through ABA Therapy, Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy programs.

New Jersey Autism Center

Bierman Autism Center provides center based ABA, Speech and OT Therapy programs to children with autism designed to maximize learning opportunities. Our New Jersey Center serves children with autism living in Union County.

Center-based services have been shown to have significantly higher staff supervision and training, higher rates of exposure to peers, higher guarantee of a full-time schedule, and an overall much higher caregiver satisfaction.

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New Jersey Autism Services

Home Based ABA Therapy Programs for Children with Autism

Bierman Autism Center offers ABA therapy programs delivered in a home environment. If you are interested in receiving home based ABA Therapy services, we offer ABA Therapy programs for children with an autism diagnosis in and around New Jersey. Get in touch to learn more about home based ABA therapy OR to get your child started today!

Berkley Heights, New Jersey Autism Center

Our Berkeley Heights, NJ location provides center based ABA, Speech, and Occupational Therapies to children with autism. We welcome you and your family to safely tour our building or get in touch with us to learn more about our New Jersey therapy offerings.

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We can help you to find valuable community resources for you and your family.

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