Pro-Bono/Free Services During COVID-19

As the coronavirus outbreak disrupts the delivery of crucial supports and services for children with autism, Bierman ABA is responding. Services will be available for a limited time only, and limited space is open. Services will run for 4-6 weeks for 1-2 hours per week.

This is intended to assist those who are struggling to access services during COVID-19 (for insurance related or other reasons).

Group Parent Training and Support Sessions (Remote)

We will deliver a 6-week group training to introduce the basic concepts of ABA through expert-lead presentations followed by small group discussions. The goal of group training is to provide high-quality training on the strategies and techniques used to incorporate ABA into your home routine.

Parents will be placed into small groups according to similar needs and child ages.

Topics include:

  • What is ABA and how it works for children with autism and other disabilities

  • Targeting play skills in the home

  • Targeting communication in the home

  • Why does my child engage in this behavior- introduction to functions of behavior

  • Promoting sibling interactions

  • Creating a schedule and structure in the home

One-on-one Parent Support: Introductory Training Sessions (Remote)

Our team of experts will provide four weeks of training specifically tailored to support your child.  First, the team will contact you to discuss your needs and assess your child’s abilities.  The information from this conversation will be used to create a customized program for your family, selecting 1-2 behaviors as the focus of your training.  You’ll work one-on-one with our Behavior Analyst for training at least once a week.  Training will consist of: learning new strategies, reviewing your child’s progress, practicing skills and techniques, and answering your questions.

Examples of One-on-one Parent Support Training:

  • Increasing your child’s communication

  • Helping your child communicate needs and requests

  • Independent living skills

  • Independent play skills

  • Creating a token reinforcement system for your child

  • Creating a home routine

  • Nighttime and sleep routines

  • Toilet training


Everyone has a part to play in getting humanity to the other side, and in helping those who need a hand right now. So, this is our small part – we will be utilizing some of our BCBA capacity to provide pro-bono services to families we can help (especially those without insurance or otherwise struggling to access services). See the above description of services, and our process to get in touch.

How did this idea evolve?

One of the most distressing things about COVID-19 has been the invisible wall that has come up to disrupt the flow of goods and services between producers and consumers. People have ongoing critical needs, that aren’t being taken care of, even when producers have the ability to meet such needs. Products/ services that exist, cannot get to where they are needed the most.

A stark example of this is dairy farmers across the country being forced to dump millions of gallons of milk (and similar quantities of produce) a day, because their usual customers have temporarily disappeared. And, these farmers aren’t able to reach out and supply milk to the many other consumers that are stuck without adequate food supplies, because of other limitations in the supply chain. Producers have food, people have need for food, but supply chains cannot flex that quickly. Excess and shortage exist alongside.

As an organization that provides therapy to children with autism, we’re affected by the same dynamic. As we’ve temporarily switched our model, we have some spare capacity to help families and kids in need. At the same time, there are families and kids unable to access services because of a host of issues ranging from health insurance to just being stuck somewhere along the process.

So we thought this would be a good way to bridge the need gap, and set aside usual procedures for now. We’re going to try to flex our “supply chain” a bit and see what happens.

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