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Screening for Autism

We now offer autism diagnostic testing for children across our Indiana area locations.
Our testing process is set up so that there are time slots available every 2-3 weeks at our Indiana area locations, so there is never a long wait list for this important testing.

Autism Diagnosis

A growing body of research supports the value of obtaining an autism evaluation and beginning treatment as early as possible. With early detection and diagnosis, children with autism can begin receiving treatments, which have been shown to make a significant impact on a child’s life and development. While all children should be monitored for symptoms of autism, it takes a series of scientifically-based, standardized assessment tools administered by a trained professional to make a diagnosis.

Coordinated Care

Having your child tested for autism at Bierman ABA leads to more comprehensive, accessible, coordinated and child-centered treatment. When your child receives evaluation for diagnosis at Bierman ABA, information from the diagnostic report is shared with your child’s behavior analyst to create a unique treatment plan. Bierman ABA provides the unique opportunity to connect diagnosis and treatment, creating a comprehensive care plan that coordinates your child’s needs across a complex healthcare system.

Getting Testing Scheduled is Easy!

Call us to discuss your concerns

Make a phone call to 317-815-5501 x 702 to chat with our Client Intake Director, who will discuss your concerns about your child with you, as well as ask a few preliminary questions to determine eligibility and prepare time for you.

Come in for your test

There will be a few components to your evaluation, including a parent interview using the M-CHAT tool and then scheduled testing with the child using the A-DOS assessment.

Get Test Results Quickly

You and your family will recieve testing results quickly, usually within 1-2 weeks following your scheduled testing, and our Client Intake Director can help you with resources following your testing.

Get in touch with us to schedule testing by calling 317-815-5501 x 702 OR e-mailing m.bender@biermanaba.com

By phone call

By e-mail